Water Me
Solo exhibition by Kwesi Abbensetts

On View: July 7th — Aug 5th, 2017

Brilliant Champions Gallery thrilled to present “Water Me“ a solo exhibition by Kwesi Abbensetts. In his debut solo exhibition the artist presents a vast body of cinematic photographs spanning from 2009 to 2017.  Kwesi Abbensetts (b. Guyana, 1976) is a New York based artist whose images wields a deep, bold, and extravagant look into the limitless beauty of blackness. “My work is tightly bound to my identity and consequently the work and subjects become a rendered celebration of my culture. My work is concerned with I call “Revisionary Self Appropriation.” It is a work that seeks to build new context and representation of self and not relying on direct posited contemporary references. It relies on “blood” memory, invention and experimentation via the process of intuitive force performance.”