About Jake Scharbach 

Artist Statement:
“Growing up in a small town in Washington State the intimacy of community shaped my understanding of unconditional relationships and how these relationships can go beyond social, political and economic status. This particular geography also developed in me an early connection to nature that informed my ongoing suspicions of civilization. My work consequently focuses on the materialization of symbols and signs, through an exercise of comparison, to analyze contemporary cultural values. I try to confront the civic intention behind classical art while defining an imagery of modern icons to talk about the failures and fictions of our society.

Formally, my work is an exercise in painting, as it carefully considers that every minor detail of the resulting object has been thoroughly disassembled, inspected, and laid bare. Influenced by the history of representation and hyperrealism I follow the steps of American masters to question the medium itself, substituting the visual for ideological observation.

My intention is to generate a series of conflicts that implicate a drifting social consensus of the very notions of history-making, by analyzing divisions between modern and historical artifacts in search of the social conditioning that defines us.”