Artist Interview: Nick Jaskey

We interviewed Nick Jaskey, artist living and working in Detroit. His work is motivated by a decade of writing graffiti and photography. We first came across his paintings in one of our collectors homes in Manhattan. The clean, process driven paintings led to many conversations with the artist about his new collection. We are delighted to have some of those works in STICKS & STONES on exhibit this month at Brilliant Champions Gallery, opening Friday, Feb 19th. 

What are your biggest challenges to creating art and how do you deal with them? 
Time is the biggest challenge, I'm still working a job and that takes up most of my days so I have nights and weekends to paint. 

Do you have an art studio? If so, what does having a physical space to make art in mean for your process, and how do you make your space work for you?
I've had several different spaces over the years. For me I like a space close to home but not in the house. When I want to start working it’s something I want to do immediately and having a long commute to a studio can stunt the creative process. Fortunately I live in a new place with a garage I'm currently working on turning into a studio so I can walk out my back door and have everything I need right there. 

Do you see your work as relating to any current movement or direction in visual art or culture? 
I want the paintings to look current but also have a timeless feel, I'm taking inspiration from a unique place and time so I would hope it's its own thing.



How would you describe your subject matter or the content of your work?
I strive to create abstractions that bring the viewer into a visually pleasing environment open to interpretation. The paintings I make are hard-edge color studies that focus on balance and composition. 

What mediums do you work with? 
House paint and film. 

How does your personal history work its way into your practice?
I grew up writing graffiti and skateboarding, so always being in the street really plays into my work. Spending years continuing to search for new areas of the city really developed my eye for detail and I think that reads in my current work with fine art. 

What are you presently inspired by— are there particular things you are reading, listening to or looking at to fuel your work?
I'm inspired by color and natural abstraction that I see around Detroit. I'm also listening to a lot of early electronic music out of the city, so there is a futuristic mad scientist vibe creeping in there too.