Selfish Press in Fjords Review

Extremely thoughtful review by Heather Zises in today's Fjord Review. 

“With this show, I very much wanted to inspire introspection in other people. SELFISH is really about the existential significance of self-portraiture. This show is not meant to be a spectacle. At its core, it is more of an exercise piece where the viewer looks at the art on the walls and then starts to look within themselves.” - Akeem Duncan, SELFISH Curator

Currently on view at Brilliant Champions is “SELFISH”, a group show featuring a collection of self-portraits. Organized by guest curator Akeem Duncan of Quiet Lunch, the exhibition explores the existential significance of self-portraiture and the role it plays in an artist’s practice. By focusing upon the intimate and inward process of the self-portrait, the exhibition extends far beyond the superficial realms of the selfie.